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Our online shopping is temporarily down for maintenance. Please call us at 1-800-753-2445 to place an order.

In 1946, my parents, Manuel and Rufina Gonzalez, opened Odessa Tortilla & Tamale Factory in a small building on Hwy 80 which connected El Paso and Dallas- Ft. Worth. They produced two items: Corn Tortillas and Pork Tamales. That's me and my Dad in the picture.

In 1971, my Wife and I purchased the business from Mom and Dad and moved it just down the street to a new 6000 sq. ft. building and called it Manuel's Odessa Tortilla & Tamale Factory. In addition to corn tortillas and tamales, we also produce various other Mexican food items used in preparing authentic Mexican Food dishes.

We have had so many calls from former Odessan's asking if we could ship them our Tamales, especially at Christmas, that now I can finally say, YES!

We are now expanding, again, to service our customers by utilizing the internet and 1 and 2 day delivery service. Visit our products page for all of our store offerings.

Call us at 1-800-753-2445 Mon-Fri 8:30a.m.- 3:30p.m. I'll be glad to take answer any questions and visit with you on how best to prepare our products.